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Who We Are
We Are The K Gold Body Piercing Factory For Wholesale Trade Only

Main made high quality body jewelry and fashion jewelry in 14K gold (in 9K,10K,18K as well) with cubic zirconia, synthetic opal, genuine stones, real or lab grown diamonds over 17 years. We are a major supplier to famous companies in the circle, such as Hollywood body jewelry, Invictus body jewelry etc. During this period, there were many factories that imitated our products but never surpassed. 

We have own CAD designers in the team so not worry about to develop new designs, without samples just sending us pictures or sharing the ideas we can exactly make the drawings for the reference. The production team has rich experience and be capable of hard working. As a regular factory, we fully understand that both quality and delivery are the basic points and this is our responsibility, all the products are produced in our own factories, refuse to outsource.

We promise to provide good quality merchandise with competitive prices, set up long terms relationship and grow up with each customer. 

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Our Story

Benefits Just For You

  • Material

    Our gold material comes from Heraeus which is one of the world's largest refiners of precious metals and a leading name in industrial precious metals trading

    High Quality Color CZ and Synthetic Opal




    IGI Certification For Diamond

  • Advanced and Perfect Production Equipment

    Professional machines and equipments are the guarantee of productivity

  • Rich Experience and Proven Technique

    All front-line employees have more than 10 years of work experience

    Noted well about product structure and master various production tools


  • Professional Design

    20 years experience in CAD design

    Accurately grasp the customer's demand for product design


  • Gold Testing

    Gold contant standard:

    9K Gold: 37.5%

    10K Gold: 41.7%

    14K Gold: 58.5%

    18K Gold: 75%

    Our gold contant is higher than the required standard and Nickel free in yellow gold

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